• 19141 Heart Lake Rd, Shevlin, MN 56676
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Long Lake is a favorite place for scuba divers to explore because of the lake depth and water clarity. The water in Long Lake is unusually clear. A test disc lowered into the lake can be seen 18 feet down compared with the 5 foot average in Minnesota lakes. At the turn of the century, Long Lake was used by logging companies as a holding area for logs waiting to be loaded onto railcars. These logs were landed at the northwest end of the lake where today you will find the boat ramp and picnic areas. Today the remains of the railroad trestle are still visible at the southeast end of the lake. Sunken logs, boats and other treasures are yours for exploring at the bottom of Long Lake. For more information on scuba diving opportunities, visit www.micksscuba.com.

Scuba diving at Long Lake Park & Campground.